Media Coverage

Globe & Mail – “How many wheels make for the ‘perfect ride’ to move around town. Two? Four? Twenty? Zero?”

Globe & Mail – “Creating some cycling buzz in the Globe’s auto section”

You Inc – “Vitess makes You Inc’s A-list”

CNN – “CNN reports on Vitess”

Toronto Star – “Tipping the balance”

Toronto Star – “Joyride”

Toronto Star – “You get what you pay for”

Toronto Star – “Expressions of the sublime”

Toronto Star – “9 speeds? Give me 22.”

Toronto Star – “Beyond being a catalyst for medals, the velodrome groundbreaking marked the birth of Canada as a cycling nation.”

Toronto Star – “I wonder what mileage Alonso has put on his bicycle since the beginning of the year.”

Toronto Star – “McLaren P1: will order one with clear coat, please.”

CNN – “CNN Deluxe: reports on all things rare and luxurious”

Toronto Star – “Charity bike rides are a great way to own the road for a cause”

Toronto Star – “Finding the perfect fit for your bike”

Toronto Star – “What was with the auto show bike racks!”

Toronto Star – “Velodromes fulfill your inner need for speed”

Toronto Star – “[...] Toronto firm solves my mid-life crisis on two wheels.”

NewsTalk1010′s John Moore – “[...] It’s more than a bike line, I think it’s a cult.”

NewsTalk1010′s John Moore – “[...] Can a bike be worth more than a car?”

Canadian Cyclist – “[...] Vitess Gran Allenamento Series: A Riding Experience”

Canadian Cycling Magazine – “[...] worth taking a Vitess out for a spin before deciding on your next high-end road bike”

Canadian Cycling Magazine – “Using the sales model put in place by performance car brands [...]“

Audi Magazine – “The Vitess brand represents speed, premium products and a customer experience [...]“

Canadian Cyclist – “Julien Papon at Vitess is quietly introducing a new way to buy a bike – the bespoke bicycle.”

Canadian Cycling Magazine Buyers Guide – Vitess showcased in the exclusive “High End” product category.

Globe & Mail – “[Taking] a look at how Vitess is transforming the cycling industry with its high-end bikes.”

Toronto Star – “[Vitess] is shaking up the bicycle industry, one custom-built bike at a time”

NewsTalk1010′s John Tory – “a made-to-measure bike [...] like getting a suit”

VIP Thrills – “Services provide clients with the perks found in buying a luxurious sports car”

Velo Review – [The] ultimate level of customer service for a dream bike”

Here’s How – “A perfect fit is a hard thing to find [...], [Vitess] is taking a different approach [to deliver it]“

Recent News Releases and other announcements

TORONTO (ON), Dec. 12, 2012 / Vitess Media Relations / Vitess Bicycle Corporation unveils the inaugural Maison Vitess in Mid-Town Toronto

TORONTO (ON), June. 26, 2012 / Vitess Media Relations / Alpine Ontario and Vitess Bicycle Corporation unveil unique partnership to make Ontarians faster

TORONTO (ON), June. 7, 2012 / Cleveland Clinic Canada and Vitess Bicycle Corporation unveil collaboration to make Canadians healthier and faster

TORONTO (ON), Mar. 5, 2012 / Vitess Media Relations / Vitess Founder elected to Board of Directors of the Ontario Cycling Association